Tethered to Your Word

Posted: 09/18/2008 in Articles
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This morning I was reading on the Desiring God site John Piper’s newest “Taste and See” article “In Honor of Tethered Preaching”, where he discusses the difference between Bible centered preaching and Entertainment centered preaching… The highlights of the article for me were Calvin’s attitude toward preaching and Piper’s closing prayer. Calvin is quoted in a letter of his to Cardinal Jacopo Sadoleto as saying:

“O Lord, you have enlightened me with the brightness of your Spirit. You have put your Word as a lamp to my feet. The clouds which before now veiled your glory have been dispelled by it, and the blessings of your Anointed have shone clearly upon my eyes. What I have learnt from your mouth (that is to say, from your Word) I will distribute faithfully to your church.”

What a wonderful God glorifying attitude. By His grace His Word became a lamp unto his feet, and Calvin’s life was dedicated to faithfully proclaiming the truths of Holy Scripture… Pastor John Piper closes his article with a prayer which I pray will be true for myself as well as all of God’s servants.

Lord, tether us to your mighty word. Cause me and all preachers to show the people that our word is powerless and insignificant in comparison with yours. Grant us to stand before our people as messengers sent with God’s message to God’s people in God’s name by God’s Spirit. Grant us to tremble at this responsibility. Protect us from trifling with this holy moment before your people.”


  1. Shea says:

    I also read read this article yesterday and was encouraged but also challenged. Too often, preaching from God’s word seems to be a job to be mastered for some and optional (at best) for others. Too much self reliance at either end of the spectrum.

    May we always “stand before our people as messengers sent with God’s message to God’s people in God’s name by God’s Spirit”.

    And I would add, by His grace!!

  2. Tim Hahne says:

    We are so blessed to have God’s Word and that it’s a light to our path. May we walk in that light and not stray from the path of God’s Word. And for those who preach His Word may you take the charge seriously and may you, we be tethered to His Word. And a hearty Amen to Piper’s prayer

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