All done with Worldliness…

Posted: 01/20/2009 in Articles
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Well a few days ago I finally finished the book Worldliness by C. J. Mahaney and company. I started reading (and posting) very enthusiastically about the book as I thought it to be a subject that I needed to work on in my own personal life and know more about to help others. I was excited to hear that Mahaney considered it more of a heart issue than anything else, but as I read through the book, he and his guests focused more on the outside; the way we dress, what kind of movies we watch, what kind of music we listen too, how much time we spend blogging etc. It almost got legalistic… I dunno, maybe I just was expecting them all to deal with the issues of the heart that make us crave for the things of the world. The subjects that they talked about are all gray issues. For one man they could be a sin, for others, not.

Though sadly to say i found a lot of the book a waste of time there were some good points and a few good chapters. I especially enjoyed Dave Harvey’s chapter called “God, My Heart, and Stuff” in which he dealt with the sin of materialism. One thing that he said that stuck in my head was this. “Covetousness chains the heart to things that are passing away.”  I thought it to be a true picture of the stupidity of our covetous hearts.

Though I am a big fan of Mahaney, I didn’t care too much for this one… I’d stick to his more gospel-centered books, like Living the Cross  Centered Life or Humility.

Well I am off to my pile of remaining books… Next up: Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges and War of Words by Paul David Tripp.

Blessing to you all,

J. C. Hahne


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