Prayer Request – January 2009

Posted: 01/21/2009 in Prayer Requests

4 weeks have gone by since we’ve been back in Romania and I thought it’d be good to let you know what you can be praying for.

Health Issues- Since we’ve been back we’ve been going through various trials and thus we need our eyes fixed upon our heavenly hope. Our first 2 1/2 weeks were marred by continual sickness. If it wasn’t Katie, it was Miha. If it wasn’t Miha it was me (Joey). Anyway hopefully we are done with the colds for a while. More serious however is Miha who seems to still have some bad allergic reaction to something in our house. Just like last year, the moment we got home she started sneezing and having shortness of breath. Last night was the worst as she seemed to have some kind of asthma-like attack (not quite sure what’s wrong with her, but she could barely breathe). We’ve been working on the house where we live for the last few years trying to clean it up thinking that mold or dust is the problem, but no matter what we do, she keeps having these repeated problems. We need wisdom in knowing what is the best thing to do concerning her condition. I pray that she would  be healed completely.

Other Trials– As we returned home we’ve also had a ton of “mechanical” problems as well. Our first Sunday morning my bass amp decided that it no longer wanted to hear me play, and thus decided to quit on me.

Our car also rebelled against us as well. Maybe it was sad that we were gone for 2 months. Anyway, it’s in the shop with a plethora of “diseases”… Grand total…. $1200…

Our appartment needs pipes changed that are still leaking after “being fixed” 3 times already… The down stairs neighbor still gets a dripping ceiling in their bathroom.

Ministry– It’s great being back with our church here and we are hoping God will work in us His love. Pray that we’d be more united in His great love with which He first loved us.

Pray for the new fellowship that the ladies have started on Saturday afternoons that much fruit would be produced in their efforts to encourage one another to good works. Pray that the gospel would quicken their hearts to rejoice in doing His will. Pray that Miha would have wisdom and insight in sharing from scripture during this time of  fellowship.

Pray for me  to have rich times of study in God’s Word and that I’d be able to share the fruit of those times through preaching, blogging and the personal fellowship with those in the church.

Pray for my dad and I as we lead this flock in His ways; that we’d have wisdom, humility, love, patience and much grace in pastoring.

Family – Pray for us as a family to be glorifying and enjoying God in all the things we do. Pray that we’d be wise and giving concerning our finances, that looking to our great inheritance we’d trust him for all our needs and thus be willing to help others even in hard times.

Pray for us as parents to know how to raise Katie in the Lord’s ways. We constantly see our failures and depend upon God to teach us and give us patience with her. She turns 3 this weekend and is a huge blessing for us. Pray that she would have a hunger for God and to learn and love Jesus as soon as possible.

Well, I imagine that’s enough for now… Please do pray for us!!! especially Miha’s current condition, as it’s scary, frustrating, discouraging, and honestly we don’t know what to do… We love and appreciate you all. May God’s blessing be upon you all!

Joey Hahne

  1. Tim says:

    Just to let you know Mom and I are praying for you. We know that our ememy does not want you here and is throwing everything he can at you in order to discourage you… But our God is stronger and will use the devils attacks as a way to be more like His Son. We are praying for wisdom and if there is any way we can help just let us know.

  2. Hey H family!
    Sa stiti ca ne rugam pt voi. Mersi ca ne-ati spus si noua prin ce treceti. Fie ca Domnul sa va treaca biruitori prin toate si sa va ridice spre slava Lui. El este bun si harul Lui este uimitor.
    1 Cor.10:13

  3. Michelle says:

    We’re praying for you too!

  4. Carrie Hull says:

    Love you guys… I am praying! Give Katie a BIG birthday hug from the Hull family!

  5. Ken says:

    Sorry to hear the sickness continued there. We’ll be praying for all that.

  6. Johnson & Marie Thomas says:

    Much to pray for and we will definitely be praying! I will pray for much wisdom in what is going on with Miha. I know how frustrating it can be when you don’t know the cause of all of her symptoms! You will need a lot of patience! Just the other day Johnson and I were talking and I was wondering, what is God trying to teach him as he goes through these trials that at times seem endless? What is His purpose in all of this? Allistair Begg summed it up for me this morning in his sermon, “to make us like Christ.” That is it! It’s so simple! Read Romans 8:29 and meditate on it especially during times of doubt. Miss you guys lots! Stella wants to see Katie! Happy Birthday Katie!!! Today Stella is 3!

  7. J. C. Hahne says:

    Thank you all for your love and prayers… Today we are driving down to Bucuresti for Miha to see a doctor. Pray that all goes well.

  8. Shea says:

    Love you guys!! The Shea family is lifting you up in our prayers. Keep us updated after Miha sees the doctor.

  9. Megan says:

    It was so good to visit with you all during your visit here!!! I can’t believe it’s already been 4 weeks since you left for home!

    I hope you guys are able to figure out what’s causing the allergies! Hopefully it’s something cheap and easy to eliminate!

    My new favorite word of encouragement (from a sermon Pastor James gave a few months back when referencing Peter walking on water during the storm…) is that as Christians, instead of perceiving and focusing on the problem or obstacle, we must keep our focus on Christ our savior who can deliver us out of any trial!

    I’ll keep praying for your health and that our Savior would continue to deliver you from the evil one and continue to strengthen and encourage you as you fight the good fight!!!

    (you can pray for me in the same way!!!)

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