John Calvin – Righteous by Christ

Posted: 07/20/2009 in Calvin Quotes
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Here’s another great quote from Calvin’s The Necessity of Reforming the Church. Man is declared righteous and fit for heaven apart from the works of the law. He is declared righteous only by Christ’s merit.

…we maintain, that of what description soever any man’s works may be, he is regarded as righteous before God simply on the footing of gratuitous mercy; because God, without any respect to works, freely adopts him in Christ, by imputing the righteousness of Christ to him, as if it were his own. This we call the righteousness of faith: that is, when a man, made void and empty of all confidence in works, feels convinced that the only ground of his acceptance with God is a righteousness which is wanting to himself, and is borrowed from Christ.”

– John Calvin, (The Necessity of Reforming the Church)


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