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Isaiah’s Cry

Posted: 03/16/2009 in Prayer Requests

Oh that you would rend the heavens and come down,

that the mountains might quake at your presence—

as when fire kindles brushwood

and the fire causes water to boil—

to make your name known to your adversaries,

and that the nations might tremble at your presence!”

Isaiah 64:1-2


Well, It’s been a week or so since I last updated you on our current situation. As you all know, Miha and Katie have been dealing with some health issues and we’ve been trying to find the answers. A week and a half ago, we moved out of our house to see if something in the house was causing the allergic reactions. We stayed a day and a night with my parents, but the moment we lay down to sleep Miha had another asthma attack. The next day we moved over to Anca and Poli’s apartment and stayed there for a week. Though Miha didn’t have another attack, there were no major changes to Miha and Katie’s health… Same old purple puffy eyes, itching sneezing, etc.


Katie's purple puffy eyes

We went to a local allergy doctor and had some tests done. The doctor was convinced that they were allergic to something in our house. Miha had some allergy tests done and we anxiously awaited the results which were to come back after a few days. A few days passed by and the results came back, and surprisingly Miha is NOT allergic to any of those things (mold, dust, cat hair, cockroaches, pollen, etc.) that they tested her for…

Sooo… Apparently the problem is something in the air here… The pollution level has been noticeably high lately. A number of times even I have noticed my throat and eyes burning while walking through town. The doctor recommended leaving town for a while to see how they react.

Pray for us as we are still pretty discouraged. We were hoping that Miha and Katie were just allergic to something in our house and that the sollution would simply be to move out to another place. Unfortuanately it seems much more complicated and we are still trying to figure out what to do… We probably will leave for a week or so to another location, though we had just come back from America where we were problem free.

Pray for me (Joey) that I’d have wisdom and courage to do the best thing for my family and for God’s glory. I know that God is good and in control of this situation, but need to constantly remember that His sovereign ways are best for His children.

Blessings to you all,

Joey, Miha and Katie

Update on Mihaela

Posted: 01/23/2009 in Prayer Requests

I just wanted to quickly update you all on yesterdays Doctor’s appointment. Basically, both Miha and Katie (Katie, though not as bad, has very puffy eyes and purplish black bags under her eyes.) have some allergies to something either here in the house or here in town. Miha was pretty good all day but after being home for a about an hour she started feeling bad once again and had to take her medicine. The doctor prescribed a steroid spray for Miha for when she can’t breathe. He also suggested that we get out of our house for a week, to see if it is from our house or not.

We ask for continual prayer to keep our minds focused on God’s unfailing love for his children and His sovereign rule. Pray that we would have wisdom from God, and not be discouraged by these trials…

Oh and in some lighter news, the trials continue… Our dryer stopped working last night. More repairs. 🙂

If you somehow happened to miss our original prayer requests, here’s the link. Click me!!!!

4 weeks have gone by since we’ve been back in Romania and I thought it’d be good to let you know what you can be praying for.

Health Issues- Since we’ve been back we’ve been going through various trials and thus we need our eyes fixed upon our heavenly hope. Our first 2 1/2 weeks were marred by continual sickness. If it wasn’t Katie, it was Miha. If it wasn’t Miha it was me (Joey). Anyway hopefully we are done with the colds for a while. More serious however is Miha who seems to still have some bad allergic reaction to something in our house. Just like last year, the moment we got home she started sneezing and having shortness of breath. Last night was the worst as she seemed to have some kind of asthma-like attack (not quite sure what’s wrong with her, but she could barely breathe). We’ve been working on the house where we live for the last few years trying to clean it up thinking that mold or dust is the problem, but no matter what we do, she keeps having these repeated problems. We need wisdom in knowing what is the best thing to do concerning her condition. I pray that she would  be healed completely.

Other Trials– As we returned home we’ve also had a ton of “mechanical” problems as well. Our first Sunday morning my bass amp decided that it no longer wanted to hear me play, and thus decided to quit on me.

Our car also rebelled against us as well. Maybe it was sad that we were gone for 2 months. Anyway, it’s in the shop with a plethora of “diseases”… Grand total…. $1200…

Our appartment needs pipes changed that are still leaking after “being fixed” 3 times already… The down stairs neighbor still gets a dripping ceiling in their bathroom.

Ministry– It’s great being back with our church here and we are hoping God will work in us His love. Pray that we’d be more united in His great love with which He first loved us.

Pray for the new fellowship that the ladies have started on Saturday afternoons that much fruit would be produced in their efforts to encourage one another to good works. Pray that the gospel would quicken their hearts to rejoice in doing His will. Pray that Miha would have wisdom and insight in sharing from scripture during this time of  fellowship.

Pray for me  to have rich times of study in God’s Word and that I’d be able to share the fruit of those times through preaching, blogging and the personal fellowship with those in the church.

Pray for my dad and I as we lead this flock in His ways; that we’d have wisdom, humility, love, patience and much grace in pastoring.

Family – Pray for us as a family to be glorifying and enjoying God in all the things we do. Pray that we’d be wise and giving concerning our finances, that looking to our great inheritance we’d trust him for all our needs and thus be willing to help others even in hard times.

Pray for us as parents to know how to raise Katie in the Lord’s ways. We constantly see our failures and depend upon God to teach us and give us patience with her. She turns 3 this weekend and is a huge blessing for us. Pray that she would have a hunger for God and to learn and love Jesus as soon as possible.

Well, I imagine that’s enough for now… Please do pray for us!!! especially Miha’s current condition, as it’s scary, frustrating, discouraging, and honestly we don’t know what to do… We love and appreciate you all. May God’s blessing be upon you all!

Joey Hahne