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GodisthegospelI’ve picked up Piper’s God is the Gospel once again and thought that I’d share a quote about the aim of the Gospel. It really made me think and I’m starting to agree more and more that God IS the Gospel. SO here’s the quote:

The ultimate aim of the gospel is the display of God’s glory and the removal of every obstacle to our seeing it and savoring it as our highest treasure.”

So I was thinking about the quote and came to realise that if this isn’t the ultimate aim of the gospel then any other aim would make us idolaters. If it’s chief aim is to make us feel better about ourselves, or just pain free in heaven, or maybe to get a new and improved body one day, then we are falling short of the ultimate treasure. If we are treasuring something else above God and His glory than the Gospel is no good news. The good news is that we can enjoy the greatest thing in the universe; that is God himself. God has redeemed us to Himself and for Himself and this is indeed the good news!

J. C. Hahne

This morning I was reading from Bob Kauflin’s book Worship Matters and I came across this wonderful quote by John Piper on the the ever-existing, always-perfect God. So here ya go…

From all eternity the ever-existing, never-becoming, always-perfect God has known Himself and loved what He knows. He has eternally seen His beauty and savored what He sees. His understanding of his own reality is flawless and His exuberance in enjoying it is infinite. He has no needs, for He has no imperfections. He has no inclinations to evil because He has no deficiencies that could tempt Him to do wrong. He is therefore the holiest and happiest being that is or can be conceived…. To share the experience – the experience of knowing and enjoying His glory- is the reason God created the world.”

– John Piper

I praise God that He has redeemed me to learn of His greatness. I await the day when hope becomes reality and my eyes will see and my mind will conceive His glory. I await the day when sin and its deception are done away with as I behold the glory of the LORD.

If God is to love you, what must he give you? He must give you what is best for you. The best thing in all the universe is God. If he were to give you all health, best job, best spouse, best computer, best vacations, best success in any realm, and yet withhold himself, then he would hate you. And if he gives you God and nothing besides, he loves you infinitely.”

– John Piper

piper_natcon1Jesus came… was crucified… rose from the dead with all authority and promised to be with us to the end of the ageĀ  to create a people whose sins are forgiven, and whose hearts are full of the love of God, and who are so emboldened by the triumphant Christ, that they spend their lives with risk and sacrifice and love to help others know and enjoy the greatness of Christ forever and ever.”

-John Piper

I just read this over at the Desiring God site and thought it’s a good solid article/interview on Prayer. It’s called “Does it matter which person of the Trinity we pray to?” I’ve heard this question several times and I think Piper gives a well balanced answer. Here’s the Linkage!!! (it’s in written, and/or video form.)

Enjoy and let me know what you think.