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Earlier this evening I was reading from John Piper’s book of devotions “A Godward Life II” and I came across an article that he wrote about the dark side of missions… He told the story of a former Muslim Christian that returned to Northern Africa and was arrested for smuggling in Bibles… He stood on trial and if convicted would be sentenced to death. Piper went on to quote Matthew 24:9 which says “You will be hated by all the nations because of My name.” This hatred of which Jesus spoke of is the “dark side of missions.” If they hated Jesus they will hate you too. “For everyone practicing evil hates the light…” John 3:20.  Yes, we are called to make disciples of all nations, but at the same time be prepared to be hated… not appreciated. I was touched by Piper’s words. He says,

In the face of [this] reality, may the Lord raise up real, radical Christians who are willing not only to love the nations, but also to be hated by the nations… Pray with me that thousands would embrace the call to be hated for the sake of loving others. If your driving motive in life is to be liked and loved, you will find it almost impossible to be a Christian, especially a Christian missionary. Missionaries are people who have decided that being loved by God is enough to enable love. We don’t need to be loved by others. Yes it feels good. But it is not essential. Loving, not being loved, is essential… Oh Lord, put your Spirit of love in the hearts of thousands for the sake of the nations.” (page 271-272)

Reading these words I found myself convicted. I admit that i often seek the praise of man. I expect to be loved in return. May the Gospel empower us to love when persecutions will be the sure outcome. May we have our eyes opened to the beauty of Christs redeeming sacrifice for the ones that hated Him. May God’s love be Enough!!!!

J. C. Hahne