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Today we got mail… Yes I am a big fan of going through the mail even if most of the time it’s only advertisements for mattress sales or coupons for the grocery store… Today’s mail included a letter from Desiring God Ministries along with the water bill. Okay, the water bill wasn’t too exciting, though it was 79 cents less than what I budgeted for. The letter from DGM however contained a very interesting article written by Jon Bloom.

It was all about God’s sovereign love in carrying out His will in His people’s lives. He shared about Joseph (Jesus’ earthly dad) and all stress, anxiety, and worry that he must have faced through the first few years of Jesus’ life. Traveling a 100 miles to Bethlehem on foot with pregnant Mary all because of a stupid census; Escaping to Egypt under the threat of the baby Messiah’s execution; Coming back to Nazareth instead of Bethlehem; always on the run, not being able to settle anywhere. He probably struggled to find work, and probably struggled to support his new family. Life was chaotic. All these things however fit perfectly into God’s sovereign plan of redemption. Prophesies were fulfilled, and nothing took God by surprise.

Bloom brings encouragement to his readers by saying,

The unplanned, inefficient detours of our lives are planned by God. They are common for disciples, and they commonly don’t make sense for the moment. But God’s ways are not our ways because our lives are about Him, not about us. He is orchestrating far more than we know in every unexpected event and delay… So when you find yourselves suddenly in a direction you had not planned, take heart, hold tight, and trust God’s navigation.”

I like that, “But God’s way’s are not our ways because our lives are about Him, not about us.” What comfort there is to be grasped knowing that God is in control of our lives and He will use us to glorify His name through any twist and turn in this life.

Proverbs 16:9 “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps”

J. C. Hahne


Here’s a scary bur realistic quote for us all… Chew on it and go to God in repentance.

The true dimensions of a soul are seen in its delights. Not what we dutifully will but what we passionately want reveals our excellence or evil.”

– John Piper, The Pleasures of God

As I read this, I found even more that I must be totally dependent upon the gospel  for every good work that might flow from my soul. Jesus is Beautiful! Truely beautiful!!! And we are His! We are new creations in Him. As we consider His sacrifice for us may we be filled with delight to proclaim his excellencies. That His name may be exalted in this fallen world.

I figure that it’d be good from time to time to just share some great verses from the Holy Scriptures that are full of Gospel. I always say that the Gospel not only justifies us but sanctifies us as well. The Gospel keeps our hearts humble and enables us to glorify and enjoy God. It also keeps us from falling to legalistic service, and thus it’s necessary to be constantly reminded of what God has done for us. So here’s our first Gospel truth…

“For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God…”

-1 Peter 3:18

“He is sure of heaven who is sure of Christ.”

C. H. Spurgeon

Such a simple quote holds so much truth… Christ is our surety!