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Once again I was over on the Desiring God website and really enjoyed the Piper quote that they posted. So just incase you missed it… here it is…

“God is glorified most not merely by being known, nor by merely being dutifully obeyed, but by being enjoyed in the knowing and the obeying.”

—John Piper, God’s Passion for His Glory

Yes, the demons knew Him, the Pharisees even obeyed God, but neither enjoyed Him and thus neither glorified Him.

“The gospel is the good news that because God did not spare Christ, He will not spare any omnipotent effort to give us everything that is good for us.”

-John Piper (God is the Gospel, pg. 36)

The verse that obviously inspired this quote is Romans 8:32. “He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?” If God did the hard thing in bruising His own Son, will He not do all the lesser things in taking care of those whom He redeemed?

I love the words in this quote, “He will not spare any omnipotent effort to give us everything that is good for us. Truly God is for us! Christ was victorious! He is almighty and nothing can thwart His will.

J. C. Hahne

“If the enjoyment of God Himself is not the final and best gift of love, then God is not the greatest treasure, His self-giving is not the highest mercy, the gospel is not the good news that sinners may enjoy their Maker, Christ did not suffer to bring us to God, and our souls must look beyond Him for satisfaction.”

-John Piper, God is the Gospel, pg12

“J. I. Packer once told me our view of God is like a pair of old fashioned scales. When God goes up in our estimation, we go down. Similarly, when we raise our sense of self-importance, our view of God must, to the same degree be lowered.”

-Michael Horton

Where is God on your scale? Do you outweigh Him or are you humbled by His Majesty?

“God is glorified when we believe with all our hearts that those who trust in Christ can never be condemned. It’s only when we receive His free gift of grace and live in total forgiveness that we’re able to turn from old, sinful ways of living and walk in grace-motivated obedience.”

-C. J. Mahaney (page 126, Living the Cross Centered life)

“All of the love and the acceptance which perfect obedience could have obtained of God,

belong to you because Christ was perfectly obedient on your behalf.”

– C. H. Spurgeon

“We have a constant tendency to stop remembering the cross, and to start depending on legalism and self-effort.” – C. J. Mahaney

(Living the Cross Centered Life, pg. 107)

Oh how easy it is to base our joy on our own efforts… Up and down we go depending on how good we are… We must cling to the cross, to the gospel… Only then will our joy be full.

J. C. MaHahne 😉