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Last month I had the opportunity to attend T4G in Louisville, Kentucky. The whole conference blessed my socks off, but my favorite speaker was a guy I hadn’t even heard of til that point. His name is David Platt and he preached a sermon entitled “An Unadjusted Gospel in an Unreached World: Connecting Gospel Theology with Urgent Missiology”… It was one of those sermons that made you take a step back, stop and re-evaluate the way you are living. It made me think again, for what purpose did God create and redeem me. He opened again my eyes to the urgency of the true, unperverted, unadjusted Gospel going forth to a world enslaved to sin. My hope is that you will take the time to listen to this sermon which was recently uploaded to the T4G site. Here is your audio¬†LINK, nice big and Green so that you cant miss it. He is the last speaker on the list, ¬†just in case you can’t find it. Enjoy and let me know what you think.


What does it mean to hate father and mother, children or spouse?

momHello all!!! Well, I just thought today I’d give you something else to read. I came across an excellent article entitle “What’s wrong with having a normal life?” written by none other than my mother, Krista Hahne. Okay, even if I’m a little biased, I still think it’s a great read and though a little long, (that’s just how my momma is) it’s worth your time…. I guarantee!!!!

So anyway, CLICK HERE!!!

Indeed quite a few months have passed since I last posted something. We have gone through a world of change in that we returned to to States after 13 years of missions. The transition has been a little tough in that we are learning a new culture and though I’m originally from the States, it feels like a new world. God however remains the same and His faithful, sovereign love is what holds us. There is much comfort in being the redeemed beloved of the Father.

We are now living and serving in Colorado Springs, Colorado where we have become involved in a new church plant called Reverence Bible Church of Colorado Springs. It is a joy to be here as we are enjoying the preaching of Derick Hull…very God and Gospel centered. What more could one need. The fellowship is small but sweet. Indeed a great group of sinners saved by grace. God is our chief boast!

Anyway, the reason for me posting is to announced that I intend to start blogging once again. First of all I believe it is for my own good in that writing causes me to be better disciplined in meditating regularly on the Gospel of His glorious grace. Just as God continually told the Israelites to remember and recall all that God had done for them, so too, we must remember the Gospel… thus blogging for me is one way to do that and to find power and joy to press on in our call to glorify and enjoy God forever.

Second, I enjoy the fellowship of the brethren. Loving one another is one of the many fruits of the Gospel, so I eagerly await your comments of encouragement… and spelling/grammar corrections… 13 years in a foreign country has certainly taken its toll on my English…

Anyway, I hope you will return regularly and that we will grow together in being sanctified by His word.

Blessings to you all,

J. C. Hahne

At the end of his life, Newton said to a friend, ‘My memory is nearly gone; but I remember two things: that I am a great sinner, and that Christ is a great Savior.'”

– taken from Respectable Sins